PASS CtCP positive (blue)




Technical Specifications:

  1. Made of the highest-quality raw materials.
  2. Accurate size, thickness and square size.
  3. Stable quality
  4. Superb Hydrophilic treatment.
  5. Easy-to-operate, suitable for different working environments
  6. Exceptional Processing Latitude and fast processing time.
  7. Can be processed by manual, automatic or immersion processing
  8. High exposure sensitivity
  9. Optimum and rapid contact between film and plate due to specially treated surface Vacuum   assistant Layer .

10.  High contrast both after exposure, with colour change, and after development Reduced consumption of developer

11.  . Compatability with all kinds of universal developers

12.  . Ease of pre-press quality checks

13.  High tone quality(High resolution power and high dot reproduction)

14.  Rapid ink-water balance. Permits Faster ink application and a reduction in the number of start-up   sheets.

15.  Long run length

16.  Can be used for all kinds of offset machines: Heidelberg, Roland, Hamada , Ryobi, Komori, Solnar,   K.B.A., AB Dick,        Adast, Multilith, Goss, Sakurai, Rotaprint, Crabtree and so on.

17.  Can be used for all kinds of printing jobs: Sheet fed presses, Web presses, Continuous stationary,   Packaging, Metal decorating, Cartons.


SPECIFICS OF Pass P.S.Plate.(JPP111)
Model Name JPP111
Plate Type Conventional positive
Substrate Electrically – mechanically – chemically – multi grained and anodized
lithographic aluminum
Gauge Available 0.15, 0.20, 0.24, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.40(mm)
Alloy Standard 1050 H18 Aluminum alloy.(minimum purity: over 99.5%)
Maximum width 1,200mm
Spectral sensitivity 365 – 436nm UV radiation
Photosensitive layer
Grain Roughness
Ra(micron meter)
Resolution per Ugra/Fogra
8 Microns 2-98% (175lpi)
Sensitivity : To clear 0.15 density
(Ugra step3, Fuji step4)
Colour change Green(Coating color) to Light green: after exposure.
Light green to Green :after development.
Length of run(Impression) Unbaked: 100,000copies of impression.
Baked: 500,000copies of impression.
Depending upon printing conditions like press, ink, paper and so on.
Handling Plates are sensitive to light. Handle under yellow safelight (UV Free) until processed.
Yellow fluorescent light is allowed. Tolerance of fluorescent light: 30w, 1.5m apart, within 30 seconds. Avoid a direct ray of light.
Shelf life 18-24 months when stored in a dark, cool and dry space.
(temperature: 5~25 ºC and humidity: 50%)