Thermal Plate TP-II

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Huaguang TP-II Technical specifications
Plate Type Positive working, no preheat thermal digital plate, with optional postbake for longer runs
Application Medium for sheetfed, web offset press
Aluminum Electrochemically grained and anodized aluminum substrate
Gauge 0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30/0.40mm
Maximum short grain width 1320mm
Spectral sensitivity 800-850nm
Platesetter compatibility All the main brands in market, like Kodak Trendsetter/ Lotem/Magnus, Screen PT-R, Heidelberg Topsetter/ Suprasetter etc.
Laser energy required 130-160 mJ/cm2 (varies based on platesetter manufacturer and developing condition)
Resolution 1% to 99% @200lpi. Dependent upon capability of imaging device.
FM capability micron stochastic.
Developer HUAGUANG TPD-80,Kodak Goldstar Premium, IMAF Therm 830/One Plus, etc.
Processing HUAGUANG TPD-80/TPD-83, 23°C/25 seconds, Kodak Goldstar Premium/IMAF Therm 830, PM-A, 23°C/30 seconds, Replanishment: 100ml/m2
Run length 100,000 impressions unbaked, over 500,000 impressions baked. Actual run length may vary according to press/ paper/ink conditions
Safelight Daylight handling
Shelf life months, under recommended storage conditions
Transport and storage Store plates flat in their packaging, away from excessive cold, heat or high humidity.

Recommended condition is:  temperature 10-26°C & RH between 40 – 70%.

High-quality substrate

Huaguang thermal CTP plate takes use of the fine aluminum plate with complex grain construction and dense oxidized layer as its substrate which was processed with a special method. It not only ensures the adhesion of the thermal coating to the aluminum plate, but also makes the plate possessing excellent run length and exact dot reproduction to guarantee high quality printing.

Convenient bright room operation

The printing plate is imaged and processed under day-light condition without additional dark room which can be easier and more comfortable to operators

Outstanding platesetter compatibility

Huaguang thermal CTP plate can be compatible with various thermal CTP platesetters available in current market..

PDF documents

Huaguang CTP Thermal Plate ( TP-II )
– Huaguang CTP thermal Developer ( TPD 83 )
   Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)