Lucky Huaguang Graphics Co. firm is a Chinese firm and its brand name related with  printing is HUAGUANG. It is the biggest plate producer company of  China and also the world

You can reach all informations about HUAGUANG products from their linked names below


CTP thermal plates

Thermal ( TP-II ) *** in stock***

Thermal ( TP-U )
Thermal Chemical Free ( TP-GII)
Thermal Processless (TD-G)


CTP thermal developer

– Huaguang TPD 83,
  Materilal Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


CTP violet plates

Violet ( PPVS )
Violet Low Chem ( PPVG )


Conventional plates

– Conventional ( PS plate )



Printing Film ( YZ-800 ve GLR-II )
Red Laser Film ( RL-100E )


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