Basys Print

basysPrint is a firm that produce Offset CTcP Plate Imagers, and it is a subsidary of XEIKON: Its center building si  in Netherland and its Research Center is in Belgium.

CTcP for digital imaging of offset printing plates

Offering an extended range of UV-Setter models gives you the choice to select the product that fits your business requirements

With on top of that an unequalled modular concept, in terms of plate manipulation, quality and productivity, that let you tailor your equipment in order to grow with the success of your business.

basysPrint is the inventor of UV-CtP imagers and has been offering proven systems for the digital exposure of conventional UV printing plates for more than 15 years. These systems are characterized by a high level of economic efficiency for print companies of all sizes. Through the use of UV-plates, users are able to benefit from a stable and environment-friendly production process delivering ultimate imaging quality. With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing CtP equipment, Xeikon Prepress has the knowledge and flexibility to efficiently address industry changes and meet specific customer requirements.

basysPrint for you

Flexible very large format plate production from basysPrint

basysPrint UV-Setter Series VLF          Youtube

Stands out from its competitors with ease of handling and quality

basysPrint UV-Setter Series 400 (4 up)

basysPrint UV-Setter Series 800 (8 up)Youtube

High quality and productive computer-to-screen imaging

basysPrint ScreenSetter X                      

basysPrint ScreenSetter  X (pdf)

Cross Application

Cross Applications Capability


Complete Solutions and Smooth Integration


Complete Solutions and Smooth Integration