Asahi Photoproducts

The Asahi Kasei Corporation was founded in Japan in 1931 and is now one of the leading chemical companies in Asia.
29,000 employees work in research, production, sales and application technology. The European headquarters of the Asahi Kasei Corporation is located in Brussels.

AWP Flexo Plates

Thin plate technology

AFP TSP      AFP TOP      AFP (D)SF    AFP (D)SH

                                                SF Türkçe.     SH Türkçe.

dsh   dsh   dsf   dsh


Thick plates technology



AWP Water Washable Plate



Asahi processing equipments

6681 Serie  Small size equipment (combi) for plates up to 66 x 81 cm.

912 Serie   Medium size equipments for plates up to 90 x 120 cm.

1216 Serie    Large size equipments for plates up to 120 x 160 cm.

1321 Serie   Large size equipments for plates up to 132 x 203 cm

Thickness gauge: Thickness measuring table


AWP processors

AWP 2530 Compact (Leaflet)     AWP 2530 C video

AWP 2530 Auto (Leaflet)           AWP 2530 A video

AWP 4835 P (Leaflet)                 AWP 4835 P video

AWP 1116 PD inline processor (Leaflet)


ASAHI Exposing  Parameters